Nate Diaz teammate explains he’d rather be a free agent than give Conor McGregor a trilogy

UFC veteran Yancy Medeiros recently made the revelation that his friend, UFC star Nate Diaz is more interested in free agency than a potential trilogy against the ‘Notorious’ Conor McGregor.

Yancy ‘The Kid’ Medeiros is set to make his Bellator debut against Emmanuel Sanchez on April 23 at Bellator 279 in his hometown of Hawaii. The hometown hero is thrilled to face Sanchez in front of hometown fans and family after nearly 13 years.

In an interview with Lowkick MMA, Medeiros opened up about the recent contractual disputes between his close friend Nate Diaz and the UFC.

Medeiros addressed the Nate Diaz/UFC saga. The Hawaii native revealed that becoming a free agent is at the top of Nate Diaz’s mind at the moment.

Nate Diaz recently offered to jump ship and fight at Bellator 279 alongside Medeiros.

However, Medeiros revealed that Diaz was just mocking the promotion with his recent series of tweets, and at one point even he suggested he wants to retire from mixed-martial-arts.

“(Diaz brothers) both know their brand and that’s one thing that I think you know. I think after that tweet, you know the whole Bellator tweet and all that good stuff to download just pieces popping off to to make trouble but they they settling. I think they made him an offer, from what I know, they got to make an offer he can’t refuse. Or he’s just going to fight out his last contract. ”

Later he added:
“I don’t even think he wanted (trilogy with McGregor), he wanted to just get out because look at, look at what, all the other fighters are doing. Tyron Woodley all that. They’re a big brand, they’re marketing their business and opening their brand. It’s not about a boxing game. It’s about just being widening their brand bro you know what I’m saying? Everybody regardless on Tyrone Woodley won or lost- bro, how much… YouTubers know that full now.”

“Regardless if it is entertaining to people or it is he’s gonna have people watching him. Just like everyone was watching Jake Paul and how they like see him lose or win. Well, it’s all about it’s all about that. Now they know that. Tt’s not about all fighting. They know they are best fighters. Now it’s about I’m gonna get paid my worth”

Diaz was itching to face Dustin Poirier. However, Dana White snubbed the matchmaking without giving reasoning behind the decision. Last year Diaz was in a similar situation with Vincente Luque – whose manager revealed they’ve moved on from the match up understanding that Diaz is looking to become a free agent and that there’s no way UFC would let that happen.