Nate Diaz questions Masvidal’s claim to the BMF because he’s still betrothed to the UFC when it comes to MMA

During a recent press conference promoting his upcoming boxing bout against Jorge Masvidal, Nate Diaz went on a characteristically unfiltered rant about what it really means to be a “BMF” (Badmofo).

The UFC star questioned whether Masvidal, who has branded himself “The BMF Champion” after winning a unique one-off BMF title belt, is truly deserving of the moniker.

“He technically was the victor of the first time around. But your name’s on the side of this promotion. Are you the bigger star?” Diaz asked rhetorically about Masvidal. “No. Well, that’s why I did it. I didn’t ask for this.”

Diaz seemed to imply that being an official “BMF” has more to do with authentic toughness and real life credibility than a made-for-TV title belt or being the UFC’s bigger marketing draw.

He entertained the idea of settling their heated rivalry outside the UFC if need be. “If I had a rematch recommendation, it would be in MMA.” Masvidal countered. “You rather fighting another promotion is not the UFC. Like, who the f***?”

Despite previous incidents, Masvidalmade it clear he wouldn’t actually jeopardize his career saying, “I’m not going to catch a lawsuit just because I want to f***ing go and fight inside of a KFC parking lot.”

While the meaning behind Diaz’s stream-of-consciousness diatribe was tough to discern, the overall message seemed to be that he believes he is the real embodiment of the “BMF” spirit that Masvidal has turned into a marketing persona.

As Diaz summed it up, “Let me know how you feel, man” about what truly makes someone a BMF badass in the real sense, rather than just an acronym title belt.