Nate Diaz dodges arrest over Logan Paul lookalike incident

The viral video capturing Nate Diaz engaging in an incidentt with Logan Paul lookalike Rodney Petersen left many wondering about the legal consequences. However, recent developments reveal that Diaz is in the clear as the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office confirmed they will not be pursuing an investigation into the case.

The footage unmistakably shows Nate Diaz putting Petersen to sleep with a chokehold, resulting in Petersen’s head making contact with the pavement. Despite the apparent intensity of the altercation, the district attorney’s office has chosen not to proceed with a second-degree battery charge against Diaz.

Diaz’s representative, Zach Rosenfield, conveyed this news through an email sent to various media outlets. In the message, Rosenfield emphasized that Nate Diaz’s actions were purely in self-defense.

He stated, “Since Rodney Petersen sought out to fight Nate on Bourbon Street, we have maintained Nate’s actions were 100% in self-defense. It was clear on video, clear in pictures and clear from the multiple other videos Rodney posted before and after. Nate has a right to defend himself against those who want to make a name for themselves and did so. We appreciate the Orleans Parish District Attorney taking the time to review all aspects of this case and their decision to not proceed with it.”

The incident, which occurred in April, initially raised concerns due to Petersen’s visible injuries, including a bleeding head wound resulting from the fall he suffered following Diaz’s guillotine choke. Despite these injuries, Petersen appeared conscious and relatively unharmed. Notably, Petersen’s resemblance to YouTuber Logan Paul contributed to the incident’s notoriety.

Nate Diaz, displaying a commitment to cooperating with local authorities, turned himself in following the altercation. This cooperation may have played a role in the leniency shown towards him.


As of now, Rodney Petersen has not responded to the recent developments concerning Nate Diaz’s case stemming from the Bourbon Street incident. Diaz’s clearance of the second-degree battery charge brings an end to this legal chapter, allowing both parties to move forward.