Nate Diaz accepts Jake Paul’s $10M MMA challenge, but with a caveat

Jake Paul is determined to regain his position at the top of the influencer boxing power rankings following his first-ever loss to Tommy Fury.

On Saturday, August 5, Paul is slated to face Nate Diaz in a thrilling boxing match. He already has knockout victories over former UFC talents Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley.

Besides boxing, Jake Paul has been yearning to venture into the world of MMA and has expressed a keen interest in a rematch against Diaz. He has even put an impressive $10 million at stake for the encounter. Diaz has indeed agreed to the rematch but with an intriguing stipulation.

In an interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, Diaz talked about his upcoming bout. He stated that his next bout would ‘probably’ be in MMA, and he could potentially return to the UFC.

The highlight of the discussion was the $10 million offer for an MMA bout in the PFL. However, Diaz seemed less enthusiastic about this offer as he has no existing connection to the organization.

Diaz stated: ” If we do something, we’re going to do something real.”

For the highly anticipated boxing match, Diaz’s company Real Fight Inc is partnering with Jake’s Most Valuable Promotions to split the proceeds from the match.

While Jake Paul remains committed to making his MMA debut in the PFL, he firmly believes that Diaz will eventually come around to accepting the rematch challenge. Jake is confident that after he secures a victory in boxing, Diaz will seek revenge and be more inclined to face him in an MMA rematch.

Jake stated: “I think he’s leaving it open-ended to see what happens Saturday. I think he’ll want that get-back and he’ll realize he’s not going to get as much money once he loses to me anywhere else.”