Muhammad Mokaev’s Toilet Excuse Sparks Controversy on Social Media After UFC Victory

UFC’s rising star, Muhammad Mokaev, found himself at the center of a social media storm following his recent UFC outing, where a now-deleted post depicting his excrement stirred up controversy and garnered widespread attention.

At just 23 years old, Mokaev has swiftly risen through the ranks of the UFC, boasting an impressive undefeated record of 12 victories and 1 no-contest in his professional career. Since joining the UFC in 2022, he has secured six consecutive wins and currently holds the number 8 spot in the flyweight rankings.

Mokaev’s latest appearance at UFC FN 238 saw him facing off against Alex Perez in a bout that ended in a unanimous decision victory for Mokaev. However, despite emerging victorious, his performance drew criticism from fans who deemed it lackluster, with Mokaev relying heavily on grappling to secure the win.

In response to the backlash, Mokaev took to social media to offer an explanation, citing a staph infection he had battled in the weeks leading up to the fight. He detailed the toll it took on his body, including vomiting mere hours before stepping into the octagon, accompanied by medical documentation to substantiate his claims.

However, it was Mokaev’s subsequent post, featuring an image of his toilet seat containing what appeared to be feces or vomit, that sparked outrage among fans and fellow fighters alike. Many deemed the post inappropriate and unnecessary, questioning the need for such graphic content to justify his performance.

The controversy escalated when prominent MMA content creator ‘MMA Guru’ publicly criticized Mokaev, drawing attention to the deleted post and reigniting a feud between the two. Mokaev, in turn, fired back with derogatory remarks aimed at MMA Guru, further fueling the online dispute.

Muhammad Mokaev also shared pictures of his staph infection, though he deleted those also, probably in fear of an athletic comission penalizing him for the revelation. Sweden’s Ilir Latifi received a suspension from Nevada State Athletic Commission for declaring he had staph in the cage back in October of 2022.

While Mokaev has since removed the contentious post, the incident continues to linger in the minds of fans and observers, serving as a reminder of the pitfalls of oversharing on social media and the potential repercussions in the world of professional sports. As the dust settles, Mokaev faces the challenge of navigating the fallout and maintaining his reputation amidst the ongoing controversy.