Muhammad Ali’s grandson opens up after heroically saving woman from potential attack

The grandson of Muhammad Ali received a certificate of appreciation for preventing a possible assault on a woman.

Biaggio Ali Walsh is a former American football player and model who decided to focus exclusively on MMA. The 24-year-old is now signed to the PFL and has a 2-1 amateur record in the ring. He won his debut match for the organization in November via knockout in under a minute.

Ali Walsh also works as a security guard part-time at the Omnia nightclub in Las Vegas. He was on duty at the nightclub early on a Sunday morning when he saw a drunken woman being led away by a stranger. The wannabe mixed martial artist intervened to rescue the lady from what would have been a deadly scenario. Walsh has now been awarded for his brave efforts.

Walsh described the incident to Mirror, saying: “This guy was trying to walk this girl out and the girl was really drunk, she couldn’t even walk. I said to her ‘do you know this guy?’ and she said no. He was trying to take her away from her friend, so I asked her friend ‘do you know this guy’ and she also said no.”

“I pulled the guy aside and he said ‘I know her like a sister, we grew up together’. I looked at him like ‘you’re lying to me, you don’t know her’. He flipped me off and I got him stay there, our supervisors took him outside and metro dealt with him. They banned him from the club and when he tried to go back into the club, that’s when he got arrested. I was just doing my job.”

Walsh started working as a security guard on a part-time basis to keep himself active when he’s not at the gym. The PFL star works out twice a day and will make his cage comeback in April.

Walsh added: “I’m scheduled to fight on April 7 in Vegas, my main goal is to win that fight and just get as many fights as I can this year, which is hopefully four. I want to be an exciting fighter, a fighter that people want to watch. Whenever my coach thinks I’m ready to turn professional then I will.”