Muhammad Ali’s grandson Biaggio Ali Walsh scores third KO win in MMA

Biaggio Ali Walsh is the talented grandson of the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali. Ali Walsh made his eagerly anticipated debut in the PFL in November 2022. Additionally, Ali Walsh showed a remarkable performance against Isaiah Figueroa in his second PFL appearance.

From the start of the first round, Figueroa attempted to gain an advantage with leg kicks and takedown attempts. However, Walsh showcased his defensive skills by denying all of Figueroa’s takedown attempts. After three unsuccessful takedown attempts from Figureroa, Ali Walsh quickly turned the tables with his striking and walked down his opponent.

He talked a little bit about why he chose MMA despite being related to a boxing legend to boxing scene:
“I decided on MMA because you can take dudes down. You can ground and pound them, kick them in the head, kick them in the legs, submit them,” Ali Walsh stated.

“A lot of guys really want to go after us just because of who me and my brother are related to. People are either going to go too hard or talk trash and want to prove something and say they beat Muhammad Ali’s grandson. I don’t care. I just want to fight the best version of somebody. Bring all you got and I am going to take it.”

Figueroa tried to counter with kicks, but Walsh’s striking accuracy and power overwhelmed him. Walsh unleashed numerous combinations and landed a massive right hand that sent Figueroa to the canvas. This resulted in a first-round standing TKO victory for Walsh.

Official result: Biaggio Ali Walsh defeats Isaiah Figueroa by TKO in the first round at 1 minute and 22 seconds.