Muay Thai athlete declared ‘brain dead’ after sickening KO

Former international Muay Thai silver medalist from Thailand has been deemed “brain dead.” This happened following a terrible occurrence during a match in which he was hit by an elbow.

Phanphet Phadungchai engaged in a match on Friday that would change his life. He competed against a French boxer by the name of Anthony at the Royal Thai Air Force Youth Boxing Arena on July 15. The Muay Thai athlete took a brutal elbow to the jaw that caused him to lose consciousness in the fifth and final round.

Phadungchai was taken to a neighboring hospital in Bangkok shortly after. There it was found that the hit had caused a cerebral hemorrhage. He was believed to be “brain dead” as a result of the tragedy.

Brain dead implies that Phadungchai’s loss of brain function was total, irrevocable, and permanent. Additionally, it implies that he has little prospect of recovering since the sad event rendered him incapable of surviving without life support.

As a result, Phadungchai is no longer being treated with stimulant drugs. However, the former Muay Thai competitor from Thailand who won silver in the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines is being kept alive by a ventilator.

Thai Rath reported that a family member had posted on Facebook:

“[Phanphet’s] mother and wife have given consent for Phanphet to stop being treated with stimulants. However, he is still using the ventilator to breathe. We are waiting for a miracle.”

This is sadly not an isolated case, just this year Musa Yamak, a 38-year-old boxer, died suddenly after fainting in the ring due to a heart attack. In addition to him, Boxer Simiso Buthelezi lost his senses mid boxing match and started punching into thin air. Buthelezi subsequently died as a result of a brain hemorrhage. Over the last week kickboxer  Nikhil Suresh  tragically lost his life several days ago following a knock out loss during a K1 Kickboxing championship in Bangalore.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the  Phadungchai family.