Months after alleging McGregor was ‘on everything’, Joe Rogan changes tune

Joe Rogan is one of the UFC’s most esteemed color commentators. For events outside the U.S., Joe opts to cover them from the comforts of his studio.

The UFC 294 event had its share of unforgettable moments. Notably, the room erupted in cheers as Islam Makhachev delivered a solid head kick that knocked out Alexander Volkanovski.

Once the event was over, the group also spoke about the UFC’s tense relationship with USADA.

Addressing USADA’s recent statements, Rogan stated: “They said they were doing it for Conor McGregor, so they could get Conor McGregor and not have to test him, which is not true because Conor McGregor entered into the USADA testing pool and supplied two tests so far.”

Rogan continued: “So, they’re wrong. What they said was wrong, he’s not on anything, he’s clean, they tested him.”

Recently, USADA announced the termination of their partnership with the UFC by year-end. In response, UFC CEO Dana White and CBO Hunter Campbell publicly criticized the PED-testing body for its actions.

According to Hunter and Vice-President Jeff Novitzky, the UFC’s decision stemmed from USADA’s failure to implement an effective tracking program despite an investment of nearly $2 million.

USADA pointed fingers at the UFC, accusing them of seeking shortcuts for Conor McGregor’s return without rigorous testing. They also pointed at Joe Rogan for his comments on USADA’s testing practices.

On his podcast, Rogan argued that these measures were overly stringent and caused undue disruption for competitors.

Interestingly, Rogan initially speculated about McGregor’s potential use of st**oids. The 56-year-old made comments like “He (Conor) is roommates with the Liver King” and “His p**s would melt that USADA cup.”

At the time, Rogan highlighted the loopholes in USADA’s system, suggesting athletes like McGregor could strategically exit and re-enter the testing pool.

McGregor didn’t take Rogan’s comments lightly, launching a few sharp jabs on social media. He also accused Rogan of using st**oids. Rogan chose not to engage, opting instead to commend McGregor’s showmanship.