Molly McCann pulls off spinning elbow into a flurry combo to knock out Hannah Goldy

Molly McCann had one of the most interesting finishes at UFC London. Fresh from her stunning spinning elbow KO of Luana Carolina in March at UFC London, she managed to score another one in her bout against Hannah Goldy.

Molly McCann did a victory lap after the finish despite the UFC security’s ample attempts to curtail her enthusiasm to the cage. Ultimately she jumped into the arms of Barstool sports’ Dave Portnoy and threw his hat far into the crowd.

Oddly McCann went into tonight’s event saying that her last spinning elbow finish meant nothing:

“One-hundred percent,” McCann said. “That spinning elbow means f*** all on Saturday, doesn’t it? That’s not going to win me the fight, living off the last fight. What it has done is given me the belief, it’s given me the mental fortitude more to come into this one and know really what I’m capable of.

“I think you all may have seen last time I was here; I was calm, I was collected, I had my odd little jokes and my swear words here and there, but I’m really finding my feet within the UFC now, and I just want to show consistency.”