MMA veteran Anthony Taylor derails Salt Papi’s hype train

In an impressive display of veteran boxing skills, Anthony Taylor defeated Salt Papi in an entertaining match during the Misfits Boxing 7 event. While Papi had generated significant hype before the bout, Taylor’s experience and composure proved too much for him to handle.

The match began with Taylor landing a massive right hand that forced Papi’s head back. But Papi responded with two sharp hooks that connected, indicating that he wasn’t going to be an easy opponent.

Papi’s confidence grew as he took the front foot and tried to land his trademark left cross from his southpaw stance. Although Taylor was troubled by some of Papi’s punches, he stayed on his feet and continued to strike back.

In the second round, Taylor attempted to set up his overhand right with a stiff jab to the body. However, his decision to box mostly with singles made him vulnerable to Papi’s counters. As the round progressed, Taylor showed his experience by smothering Papi’s shots with effective clinch work and landing a few decent flurries in close quarters.

In the final round, Taylor came out aggressively. He started bouncing on his toes, repeatedly closing the distance with a looping overhand right. Papi struggled to read Taylor’s movements and became visibly tired as he waited for an opening. Taylor took advantage of this by landing multiple shots and dominating the round.

The judges had no doubt in their minds, and Taylor was declared the winner via unanimous decision.

Taylor’s victory over Papi was a major setback for the Filipino boxer. Papi had hoped to secure a blockbuster showdown with KSI if he would defeat Joe Fournier in the main event.

However, Taylor now has his sights set on KSI and is backing Fournier to lose. Taylor said before the bout: “Joe Fournier is going to lose. When was the last time he fought? It’s been two or three years. Look at his record.”

“I don’t want to say he’s been rigging his fights, that sounds criminalizing and that’s not what I mean. He’s picked opponents that he can beat – mainly journeymen who he’s probably paid approximately £3,000 for who have no chance of beating him. In that respect, he’s bought his wins.”

“If you pay them enough money, they’ll come to fight, but they won’t win. Look at his last fight, he fought a Colombian singer.”

“KSI is no singer, we know that from his music, but he has been training non-stop, gaining experience in the ring. I think it will go the distance but it’s KSI’s fight for me. Activity will be the difference.”

Taylor previously lost to Tommy Fury in 2021. He recently stirred up controversy this week by asking David Haye to a match. Unsurprisingly, the former WBA heavyweight champion has no interest in accepting the challenge since he believes he has aged and Taylor is irrelevant.