MMA star fears leg amputation after gnarly staph infection on his foot

MMA star Tim Schultz faces a critical battle against a severe staph infection, as indicated by the distressing images he shared on Instagram.

Tim Schultz holds an impressive 4-1 record and recently took to Instagram to disclose his alarming health condition. In a video update, Schultz revealed that he is suffering from a bone-deep staph infection that may need leg amputation.

Staph infection is scientifically known as Staphylococcus infection, and is caused by the Staphylococcus bacterium. This bacterium is responsible for various health issues, including skin infections, abscesses, pneumonia, systemic infections, and life-threatening conditions like sepsis.

Staph infections can spread through direct contact with contaminated objects. Immediate administration of antibiotic treatment is crucial to prevent complications.

Accompanied by an warning, Tim Schultz shared graphic images of his infection on Instagram.

(Picture attached on the bottom due to graphic nature)

In his caption, Schultz shed light on his ongoing ordeal and the procedures he had already undergone:

“Hey friends. Just real quick, do no go the the last slide if you a Squamish. Where we are at, we are trying to get me home in the next day or two, I’ve [had] two surgeries. Both of which I have woken halfway though and has someone the most painful experience of my left. I was told that there be an incision made to remove the bacteria. I have now have zero skin in the top of my foot. There is a video of it halfway.”

In his plea for assistance, Schultz asked his followers to support him in any way possible:

“I need to to get back home. Anything people could do, share, donate, spread the work. Could be saving my life at the moment. Thank you again #I do love you all. Link in my bio.”

The distressing videos shared by Tim Schultz on Instagram elicited deep concern from MMA fans worldwide. Fans flooded the comments section with heartfelt messages.

One fan expressed his thoughts:

“This is terrible news. Hoping you can get back here asap. They will need to move fast. Our thoughts are with you Tim.”

Another fan wished him a speedy recovery, stating:

“Wishing you a speedy recovery brother hope it doesn’t get worse and we can get you home.”

A third fan shared their support:

“Oh Tim, that’s just awful. my thoughts are with you mate.”