MMA legends disregard Boxing rules – Monson goes for single leg, Taktarov went for the leglock

Jeff Monson at 52 years old and Oleg Taktarov at 55 years old have once again ignited the combat sports scene.

Having embarked on his professional MMA journey back in 1997, Jeff Monson boasts a staggering 89 bouts under his belt. His illustrious career spans across renowned promotions like the UFC, Pride, Strikeforce, and M-1, cementing his status as a true veteran. On the other hand, Oleg Taktarov, known for transitioning into acting, began his MMA journey in 1993, even competing as early as UFC 5 and Pride 1.

Monson is also an ADCC winner.

Monson and Taktarov made their return in boxing, although there was quite a bit of controversy attached.

While the bout featured boxing gloves – neither of the two entirely respected the rules resulting in a hilarious video.

In a clip that surfaced on social media we see the two boxing in boxing shoes, and with boxing gloves in the ring when Jeff Monson goes for a single leg. Not to be outdone, Taktarov counters with a leglock attempt to the dismay of the referee.

Referee went on to give a stern warning to Monson.

While Monson made his retirement from MMA official in 2017, he has remained active in both bare-knuckle and traditional boxing circuits in recent years. In contrast, Taktarov’s last bout dates back to 2008.

This intriguing matchup was set to unfold over three two-minute rounds, captivating fans as it takes center stage in a Moscow boxing event.

Interestingly, the buildup to this clash has been remarkably low-profile, with minimal media coverage despite the event being just around the corner.

Monson vs. Taktarov Ends in Draw Under MMA Rules

The much-anticipated clash between Russia’s Jeff Monson and former UFC champion Oleg Taktarov, held in Moscow, concluded with a draw as decided by the majority of referee votes.