MMA fighters rally to help the victim of horrible bullying

Recently a video of horrible bullying went viral. Many of the online observers were unaware where the video took place for the longest time. In a video a kid is seen surrounded by bigger bullies.

The footage shows the boy in question receiving several punches in the face from the group of bullies in consecutive manner. To make things even more infuriating, the video ends as the bullies order him to “strip”.

The video caused an epidemic of outrage – particularly in the MMA community. UFC referee Marc Goddard was among the first to offer proactive help. Fighter Peter Quelly of SBG Ireland was among the first to direct attention to the case.

Referee Marc Goddard offered: “can any body put me in touch with this kids parents? I’ll get his training sorted FOC. His confidence & character will need rebuilding.”


It was subsequently revealed that the video took place in … .

The boy’s parents made a social media post saying:

“This animal and his cousin K.B. (name of minor redacted) from Harris Battersea school and 5 other boys stripped and robbed and punched and kicked my son again and again.”

“Punched him numerous times in his head, broke his cheekbone and he is in hospital having head scans.”

“They took his trainers coat jumper, door keys, and bus pass. If anyone knows this animal or where he is please let us or the police know.”

“The CID [criminal investigation department] are now involved but they probably won’t do anything as always.”

The video also generated revolt from English MMA personalities like Paddy Pimblett, Darren Till, Michael Bisping, and MMA referee Marc Goddard.

Goddard went on Twitter to offer help to the boy and his family.

Former UFC champion Michael Bisping also commented on the matter.

“Makes my blood boil,” Bisping writes as a reaction to the video. “We need to name and shame these absolute cowards. You should be appalled at yourselves. Also, let’s get this brave young man some Martial Arts training.”

Former UFC title challenger Darren Till also reacted to the bullying video.

Up and coming UFC star Paddy Pimblett also shared his thoughts on the matter.

The two cousins have been identified. They’ve allegedly been arrested. The cousins are said to be charged with robbery. The arrested suspects will appear at Wimbledon Youth Court in London on March 2, 2022.

Names and specifics have been redacted for the protection of the victim.