MMA Fighter charged after home invader dies of stabbing wounds

Former UFC fighter Eduardo Larenas was charged with murder after stabbing a home invader to death.

A group of five men broke into Larenas’ house on May 16 in Laval, Quebec, Canada, where he and his wife Gladys Rosana Lopez stayed. The group disguised themselves as delivery men and later took the couple hostage. Their goal was to snatch a large inheritance that the mixed martial artist had recently obtained.

Around 6 hours into being taken as a hostage, Larenas managed to take a knife from one of the invaders. He then stabbed the guy multiple times.

After, he took his wife to escape the remaining invaders inside the house.

The police arrived at their house at 2 AM, following the incident. They set up a perimeter and began their investigation. Quebec Provincial Police were also called to assist the investigation. A week later, the police informed Larenas and his wife that they might face a couple of charges for the incident.

Recently, it was revealed that Larenas has been charged with second-degree murder. After running an investigation, the police concluded that Larenas stabbing the invaders to death wasn’t an act of self defense.

His wife is also charged with a less severe charge of accessory.

Eduardo Larenas started his professional MMA career in 2004 within TKO Major League. The 39-year-old fought under the UFC banner once at UFC 58 in 2006. His latest bout was back in 2018 against Adam Dyczka where he lost via knock out in the middle of the first round. So far, his professional MMA score consists of 6 wins and 6 losses.

He has trained and lived in Canada for the majority of his career. The Argentinian also competed in boxing from 2012 to 2015. He boxed in small club shows in his homeland of Argentina and currently holds a 15-4 record.