MMA fans including Adesanya captured by new hit competition series starring UFC veteran

If you’re a fan of reality competition shows, then you’ve probably heard of Physical: 100. This South Korean series, also known as simply Physical 100, has taken the world by storm since it premiered on Netflix on January 24, 2023. Created by MBC’s producer Jang Ho-gi, this show is all about finding the ideal human physique through a series of grueling tests.

The winner of Physical: 100 gets to take home the grand prize of ₩300 million, which is roughly equivalent to US$240,000. This is a huge sum of money and a testament to just how intense the competition can be.

The roster includes national athletes, bodybuilders, mixed martial artists, special forces soldiers, and fitness influencers.

Israel Adesanya recently expressed that its his new favorite show. He prefers to watch shows dubbed rather than with subtitles.


UFC veteran Yoshihiro Akiyama features on the show. He signed with the UFC back in 2009 before leaving the company leading up to UFC 128.

The show is getting mainly positive response from users online.

“A competition series like no other, Physical: 100 is gripping and intense and pushes the physical body to the extreme”.

“Each inoffensive episode rolls easily into the next because they all end with a cliff hanger and before you know it, you’ve spent four hours bingeing it”.

“The allure of Physical: 100 is not just the eye candy — it’s also the ethos of the competition”.

Producer Yoon Kwon-soo explained that he had faith in his idea and knew it would be successful.

“I thought it would work well and worked hard. From the first planning by director Ho-ki Jang, I thought, ‘This will work unconditionally’”.