MMA and BJJ Communities Mourn and Pay Tribute to Leandro Lo

The entire jiu jitsu community across the globe was stunned yesterday when reports of Leandro Lo’s passing emerged. Initially there was a lot of hope that the reports were another hoax but media in Brazil had already began reporting on what transpired that faithful night.

Leandro Lo, born Leandro Lo Pereira do Nascimento, first broke out on the national BJJ scene in 2012 when he first won World championships. Lo was a student of Cicero Costha until he decided to up and leave to be the founder of his own team, NS Brotherhood.

He was a very influential figure in jiu jitsu for the last 10 years. He revolutionized an important aspect of the game with his take on passing and had spawned a new generation of exciting competitors. Lo mostly stuck to gi competitions but wasn’t opposed to trying MMA at some point.

In 2017 he had a brief stint at ADCC that more or less cemented Gi jiu-jitsu as his biggest love.

Lo had travelled a lot thanks to his skills. He travelled all across the globe and had done seminars – some of them with best friends Felipe Pena and Marcus Buchecha.

Many jiu-jitsu players and mixed martial artists were moved by his passing.