MMA Analyst Brendan Schaub learns New England is not a state live on Air at age 39

MMA Analyst Brendan Schaub is the MMA’s take on nepotism. In a sport riddled with real outcomes, Schaub got a leg up in the business thanks to the fact UFC commentator, podcaster and comedian Joe Rogan gave him a huge leg up in starting his podcast with Bryan Callen.

And while Schaub has MMA experience, he’s not exactly articulated and is frequently caught with glaring holes in his education. Distinguished geographer recently learned a fact about US while live on air.

“We’ll be watching. The rough and rowdy 19, which takes place in New England, says Rough and rowdy night in New England: Summer nights, Providence, Rhode Island. You’re from the east Coast. Describe that to me, Casey”

While an employee answers off screen, Schaub reiterates:
“Rhode Island’s New England,”

Schaub once again reiterates: “Explain that to me, dude, because I thought Rhode Island was its own thing.”

Casey could be heard saying now: “It is a state. So the New England is made up of a few states.”

Schaub notices he’s been exposed and quickly inquires: “Oh, word. Did you know that, Jim? I mean, I did. You know that, Mark?”

Of course this wouldn’t be entirely tragic if Schaub hadn’t named his oldest son Boston.

Schaub ends the segment saying “New England’s more of a region. Interesting.” all while sipping on a drink in the early hours of the day.

Schaub’s fallen off quite a bit in the past couple of years. Joe Rogan all but distanced himself from the original UFC Companion podcast crew. This may have been for their mutual benefit.

This isn’t the first geography related gaffe Schaub made, previously he claimed Africa was a country.

“Dikembe Mutombo is straight from Africa” Schaub said trying to set his friend straight.

Callen clarified: “I don’t think he’s from Nigeria”

At which point Schaub added: “No, he’s from Africa” and doubled down on his premise of Africa being a country not a continent. For those still curious, Mutombo is from Democratic Republic of the Congo which is a country in Africa.

This is in line with another infamous gaffe – that time Schaub mistakenly referred to as Jon Jones as Jon Africa – in front of Francis Ngannou and Mike Tyson.