Mikey Musameci faced Japanese legend, Imanari – and tapped him during ONE FC grappling event

ONE FC has made waves in the jiu jitsu community with the decision to start hosting grappling match ups on regular basis. In order to facilitate this. ONE FC signed a number of prominent BJJ athletes – and is matching them with the old guard of grapplers that have been focusing on MMA.

Imanari shared his thoughts in an interview with  sportskeeda on Gordon Ryan’s antics ahead of his ONE FC grappling match. The legend went on to say:

“They really are succeeding in the grappling scene right now and I think they’re really capitalizing on the popularity and at the right moment as well. They’re really representing the top of grappling”

ONE FC’s latest card ONE FC 156 featured a grappling match between Masakazu Imanari and MIkey Musameci. The American grappler was able to snag a quick victory within 3 minutes.

Musameci mounted Imanari’s back after some half guard action. At that point he established back control and was able to snag a rear naked choke finish.

ONE FC is still on – you can watch the event live on their youtube channel.