Mike Tyson’s agitator apparently has a lengthy criminal history

Mike Tyson found himself in a bit of a mess on Thursday. The boxing great was on a JetBlue flight when another passenger started agitating Tyson. According to witness reports the interaction between the two started amicably with Tyson agreeing to take a picture with the ‘fan’.

Subsequently the man started goofing off – whispering into Tyson’s ear and reportedly throwing a water bottle at his seat. The taunts apparently irritated Tyson enough that he opted to get into an altercation. Next thing the witness noticed was the heavyweight champ teeing off on the belligerent passenger.

One bright side to the whole ordeal is that the passenger in question refused to press charges – and to cooperate with the San Francisco police department. But apparently this might be more than just instant regret – the passenger is confirmed to have a lengthy criminal history.

According to TMZMelvin Townsend, III, and this isn’t his first encounter with cops, by any means.  He’s been convicted of fraud, grand theft, burglary, possession of controlled substances and trafficking in stolen property.

Following the incident, Townsend said he didn’t want to press charges and both him and Tyson were free to go.