Mike Tyson wants to become YouTube boxing “champion” in newly launching tournament

Mike Tyson has big ideas. The former heavyweight boxing champion of the world is determined to keep on stringing Ws even well into his 50s.

Tyson recently expressed a desire to become a champion in a Youtube boxing tournament he plans to launch.

Tyson hasn’t been back in the cage since his 2020 exhibition against Roy Jones Jr. Tyson keeps himself in tremendous shape for his age and is still a force to be reckoned with. He’s also very excited by new business ventures.

Tyson has been having somewhat of a career renaissance as a podcaster and influencer as of late. He’s enjoying the lucrative success of his edibles shaped like ear.

He recently revealed he’s very much in a content creator mindset right now and would like to take things to the next level:

“There is a possibility I might try and become the YouTube champion,” Tyson replied when asked about fighting other YouTube stars on the Jimmy Kimmel show. “I am going to create a YouTube championship with all these YouTubers and perhaps myself and we will all fight each other.”


Oddly, Tyson’s return to boxing coincided with the transition several prominent influencers made into the boxing space. KSI, Paul brothers and Joe Weller all had their white collar outings around the same time. But things have reached a new level with Jake Paul actually going pro and having success in his career.

Jake boxed five times as a professional including on Tyson’s undercard.

“No, no, this is what gets guys of age upset, because the changing of the guard is hard to understand, they don’t want to understand,” Tyson explained on his HotBoxin’ podcast. “That’s just what it is, it’s the changing of the guard, and these TikTok guys are part of it. You understand me, right? They’re a part of it.

“Just imagine this, ten years from now; I want to have all the YouTube boxers have a tournament and find out who will be the champion of the world, of that world. But that’s what they do, they have another belt, it’ll be whatever belt they want it to be, and then they put that up against the boxing belt. It’s all hype, hype sells fights, fights don’t sell fights, hype sells fights.”

“Anything is possible but it has got to happen this year,” Tyson responded when asked about a clash with the YouTube star on the Jimmy Kimmel show. “That could be very interesting. He is skilled enough and I will give it to him because he is winning.”


By the looks of it, Paul will be taking up Tommy Fury in August and if the Tyson boxing bout were to materialize it would be later in the year.