Mike Tyson said he would beat Jake Paul “so f*cking easy” two years ago

The boxing world was sent into a frenzy as news of legendary boxer Mike Tyson’s return to the ring surfaced, with the unexpected announcement that his opponent would be none other than celebrity boxer Jake Paul, creating a buzz within the sports community.

Scheduled for July 20th at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, the highly anticipated match between Tyson and Paul, despite their significant 30-year age gap, promises to be a spectacle. Adding to the excitement, the event will be streamed live on Netflix, marking a groundbreaking venture into combat sports content for the streaming giant.

Organized by Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions (MVP), co-founder Nakisa Bidaria anticipates record-breaking viewership, attributing the event’s allure to Tyson’s legendary status. However, details regarding the match’s classification as either professional or exhibition remain undisclosed.

During an appearance with The Nelk Boys two years ago, the former heavyweight champion was asked whether he could defeat Paul like he did his former opponents during his glory days.

“Could you f*ck him up?” The interviewer asked.

“So f*cking is easy.” Tyson answered with full confidence.

The announcement elicited a varied response from fans, with some expressing enthusiasm at the prospect of witnessing Tyson’s return to the ring, while others voiced reservations about Paul’s choice of opponent, citing concerns about Tyson’s age and health.

Despite skepticism surrounding Tyson’s abilities at 57 years old, the boxing icon remains confident in his prowess. In a resurfaced statement from a prior interview, Tyson asserted his ability to defeat Paul with ease, reaffirming his status as a formidable force in the sport.

Renowned for his style, Tyson’s legacy in boxing is unparalleled, having dominated the heavyweight division during his prime from 1987 to 1990. His enduring popularity among fans underscores his enduring influence in the combat sports community.

In contrast, Jake Paul rose to prominence as a content creator on platforms like YouTube and Vine before transitioning to boxing. Despite his initial foray into music, Paul’s meteoric rise to fame and influence among younger demographics paved the way for his entry into professional boxing, culminating in several high-profile matches, including a notable bout against Tommy Fury.

As anticipation builds for the historic showdown between Tyson and Paul, fans eagerly await the outcome of what promises to be a memorable event in boxing history.