Mike Tyson makes a career shift ahead of Jake Paul matchup

Renowned boxer Mike Tyson has brought an end to his widely acclaimed Hotboxin podcast after its successful run of three years. Throughout its duration, Tyson engaged in captivating conversations with various notable personalities such as Dana White, Joe Rogan, Katt Williams, and many more. The podcast has garnered significant popularity.

In a surprising announcement made on Wednesday, Tyson revealed his decision to abruptly terminate the podcast and embark on new endeavors.

Expressing gratitude for the journey and the extraordinary individuals he encountered, Tyson stated in an Instagram video: “These are my final recordings of Hotboxin, I really enjoyed being a part of this journey and all the remarkable people that I met…”

Tyson then invited his audience to follow his future ventures on his social media handles @miketyson and miketyson.com.

“For me this is the next chapter in my life, please enjoy the following socials @miketyson and miketyson.com for my next venture”

The exact reasons behind Tyson’s choice to discontinue his podcast remain ambiguous despite its immense popularity and widespread acclaim. Fans and followers speculate on the motivations behind this abrupt decision, fueling discussions across various platforms.

As Tyson bids farewell to Hotboxin, he sets his sights on new ventures. One of them includes an upcoming match against Jake Paul, slated for later this year on Netflix. Anticipation runs high for this event, with expectations of substantial financial gains for Tyson.

While Paul’s match has been announced to take place at Cowboys Stadium, regulatory hurdles loom over the event. The Texas Athletic Commission is responsible for sanctioning the match. He has voiced concerns regarding dr*g testing, particularly focusing on Tyson’s potential marij**na use. Despite these challenges, Tyson’s determination to venture into new arenas remains unwavering.

Mike Tyson’s decision to conclude his Hotboxin podcast marks the end of an era in the realm of podcasting. As he embarks on fresh endeavors, the world eagerly anticipates the next chapter in the legendary boxer’s journey.