Mike Tyson introduces Weed Boxing Championship in Thailand

Heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson is orchestrating an extraordinary event that promises to captivate the hearts of combat sports enthusiasts in ways they never knew possible.

Tyson is promoting the first-ever Weed Boxing Championship on August 27. The event will take place on Thailand’s island of Koh Samui, and it will be exactly what you expect it to be.

Athletes will participate in three three-minute rounds at the Samui International Muay Thai Stadium, but only after they have smoked some top-shelf kush given by mar***ana enthusiast Mike Tyson. Spectators are also invited to indulge in their chosen strain along with lots of beverages and food.

This revolutionary event is strategically positioned to leverage the flourishing landscape of ca**abis tourism in Thailand. With the country’s decision to decriminalize the plant in June 2022, an unparalleled opportunity emerged. Practically overnight, dispensaries sprouted like wildflowers. Across the nation, events of all kinds harnessed the momentum.

Thailand is renowned for its rich legacy in the realm of the eight limbs, Muay Thai. It is no stranger to the world of combat sports. However, the Weed Boxing Championship transcends conventional boundaries. This will be the first occasion when two cultures collide in a show unlike any other.

Regrettably, the iconic figure himself will not be an active participant in the forthcoming event.

In a candid interview with Muscle and Health magazine, the sports luminary candidly expressed his perspective on ca**abis. He said: “Ca**abis is good to workout on for me. I just wish I was smoking back when I was fighting — I really lost out there from an athlete’s perspective. If I’d smoked during my boxing career, I probably wouldn’t have been so aggressive.”

It seems like Evander Holyfield’s ear may have been spared if only he had known then what he knows today. As the countdown to the historic Weed Boxing Championship commences, the world holds its breath in anticipation.