Mike Tyson got a school teacher pregnant in prison

Boxing legend Mike Tyson recently revealed that he got a teacher pregnant during his imprisonment back in 1992. He said he had secret trysts with a teacher who visited him in prison.

Mike Tyson had many legal controversies throughout his boxing career. He reached his peak around 1986 when his matches were a string of knockouts.


Tyson was sentenced to six years in prison after being convicted on a charge of sexual assault in 1992 and spent three years behind bars.

Tyson admitted that during his imprisonment in 1992, he had a sexual relationship with his teacher. At the time, Tyson was studying for a GED diploma. During his recent appearance at Revolts’ Drink Champs, ‘Iron’ Mike explained:

“I had to go to school to get my GED. I failed the GED twice, that might make me double-dumb. But listen to this. When I had s*x with her, she got pregnant. It was crazy, man. Hey guys, I had s*x with my school teacher and she got pregnant. We weren’t using condoms.” Tyson said in front of a packed audience.

Mike Tyson didn’t stop there. Previously, the former heavyweight champion also revealed that he had intercourse with a prison counselor.

“I got in trouble like the first six months and stuff, cursing, getting written up. And then by that time, I got the hang of the place. ‘Hey, I know how to do this.’ Next thing you know, I’m dating one of the counsel workers now, she’s letting me have sex with her now.” Tyson said during a talk with Vlad TV.

He added, “So I’m going good. But the first six months I was getting write-ups, I have to pay that year back. [Now] I’m like a star pupil prisoner. Trusty, everything. Then, ‘Hey Mike, remember the first six months you were a prick?’ Boom. They gave me another year.” Tyson said.