Mike Tyson gets real about Andrew Tate’s influence on young generation: Confrontation sells

Andrew Tate has experienced a unique ascent to fame due to his controversial remarks. His provocative statements on social media have garnered him a significant following, with many fans rallying behind his messages.

While Tate’s views on masculinity have sparked controversy, he staunchly advocates for the importance of strong men in our society. He believes that men’s strength plays a crucial role in societal improvement, a perspective that has faced considerable opposition from netizens.

Mike Tyson recently offered his perspective on this controversial issue. During an episode of the PBD podcast, Mike Tyson was prompted to discuss the role of a strong male figure in a young boy’s life.

He responded, “We have to think about what perception of a strong man. He could be a strong man in a criminal perspective. That could be the strongest identity that he sees. So, he can go off on that level of crime as well.”

When questioned about Andrew Tate’s influence on young boys, Tyson remarked: “You see this on Kevin Samuels, you see this on Andrew Tate, it’s just confrontational. Confrontation sells. And, we aren’t gonna stop this confrontation. This is going to become an era so we can continue to make money.”

Tyson went on, stating, “Confrontation is captivating. We won’t be putting an end to this anytime soon. This is an era that will continue to generate revenue.”

In his prime, Mike Tyson exuded a palpable sense of masculinity. His journey from rags to riches served as an inspiring narrative for aspiring combatants.

In an interview, a youthful Tyson articulated his understanding of masculinity. He said: “We don’t back down from anyone. That’s what got me in trouble. I don’t play games. I don’t kiss anyone’s a**. And, I’m a real man.”

“Regardless of being a fighter or anything, I’m a man. And, that’s why I want to be a man. If I die, I want to die a man. I don’t wanna die a b**** or a little f****** poodle in the street.”