Mike Tyson gets pranked by Russians into wishing Zelensky ‘get well’ soon

In a new twist of the information war between Russia and the West, the Kremlin deploys fake celebrity cameos, including Mike Tyson, in a disinformation campaign aimed at denigrating Ukraine’s President Zelensky.

The campaign, revealed in a report by Microsoft’s Threat Analysis Center, repurposes genuine videos recorded on the Cameo app, where users pay for personalized messages from celebrities. Celebrities like Elijah Wood, Shavo Odadjian, John McGinley, Dean Norris, Priscilla Presley, Kate Flannery, and Mike Tyson unwittingly become pawns in Russia’s efforts to smear Zelensky’s reputation.

One notable example involves actor Elijah Wood addressing Zelensky about seeking treatment for d**gs and drinking. This video, created on the Cameo app and initially genuine, was manipulated as part of Russia’s broader efforts to tarnish Zelensky’s image. The disinformation campaign unfolded on Russian social media, gaining traction through news organizations either owned or controlled by the government.

The disinformation campaign, as highlighted in Microsoft’s report, is part of a broader strategy by Russia to garner domestic support for its war in Ukraine while simultaneously sowing discord abroad. The exploitation of commercially available cameos showcases the adaptability and persistence of Russia’s efforts to justify its actions.

Cameo, responding to the situation, stated that such videos violate the company’s community guidelines, and appropriate actions, including content removal and account suspension, would be taken if violations are substantiated.