Mike Tyson breaks down Canelo Alvarez’s loss to Bivol

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson broke down Canelo Alvarez’s mistake that made him lose to Dmitry Biol. ‘Iron’ Mike believes that Alvarez could’ve won the match if he used the right strategy.

The pound-for-pound king Canelo Alvarez suffered a devastating loss against Russian boxer Dmitry Bivol on Sunday, May 8 at T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas. The Mexican returned to the light heavyweight division to snatch the WBA light heavyweight title.

Unfortunately, Dmitry Bivol was more dominant in most of the rounds. Bivol was announced as the winner via unanimous decision with three judges scoring the bout 115-113 in Bivol’s favor. Bivol remained undefeated with a total of 20 victories and successfully defended his title for the 4th time.

Mike Tyson who attended the match decided to share his thoughts on Canelo Alvarez’s performance. 55-year-old said Canelo wasn’t placing his jabs correctly. Which resulted in Bivol playing more aggressive and scoring more points.

“The guy was coming in because he wasn’t worried about Canelo’s jab. So he got more aggressive, he got brave. If he’s not jabbing, he has no defense. If he’s not gonna jab, the guy’s gonna walk right in on him like he did. Next fight – use your jab, different fight.” Tyson said.

Mike Tyson even put in the effort and showed how it should be done.

“When he [Bivol] was jabbing, Canelo should have been moving, slipping the jab, anticipating the combination. If he was slipping the jab, the guy wouldn’t throw the combination.” Tyson said as he punched the bag.

Tyson continued, “If Canelo would’ve used his jab, I was discussing with my wife [saying], ‘he’s not using his jab’, then the next round I saw him using his jab so his corner must’ve been telling him the same thing. I believe if he used his jab it would’ve been a different fight.”

Canelo Alvarez himself admitted that he was using the wrong approach by fighting defensively. The Mexican was being asked what approach he would use if he knew he was behind. Alvarez simply answered “More aggressively, I think.”