Mike Tyson admits Paddy Pimblett’s diet would leave him conspitated for over a week

Paddy Pimblett has recently been making headlines for his charming demeanor and his flamboyant personality, taking the UFC by storm.

Paddy seems to have the world at his feet. All he has to do is keep moving forward to become a major international sensation. Pimblett is currently cashing in on the World wide infamy UFC platform has provided him thanks to a lucrative deal he has with barstool sports.

Although he doesn’t currently have anything scheduled, he is rumored to be starting a camp and slimming down once again.

When he isn’t in camp, Paddy enjoys life as he sees fit, without any limitations. His dietary habits have received a lot of attention.

Paddy eats whatever he wants, whenever he wants, gaining a lot of weight. However, because of his remarkable discipline, he was able to lose it and go back to his ideal shape.

It’s a way of life that not many athletes have embraced in the past and for a good reason.

Paddy recently took some time off to relax over the pond. While he was in America, he joined boxing legend Mike Tyson on his Hotboxin’ podcast.

The best way to characterize the meal he ordered for himself during the performance would be a feast since he wasn’t in camp.

Heavyweight boxing legend was unamused looking at Pimblett’s food.

Tyson commented as the meal was brought out:

“That doesn’t look healthy either [about the pizza] it looks like it’s been out for a couple of days. Because they’re making fun of f*****g Paddy The Fatty that’s why.”

“I wish I could eat like he eats, that don’t work for 56, I won’t be able to s**t for a week. I won’t be able to s**t, the bread, the red meat, I won’t be able to s**t, pizza I won’t s**t.”

“It’s like a blockage in my a**hole, no meat, I’ll be sitting on the toilet waiting for s**t to come out and it just doesn’t sound.