Mike Tyson (57) debuts new physique before Jake Paul event

Former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson recently showcased his impressive physical form three months before his exhibition bout with Jake Paul.

Despite nearing 58 years old, Tyson is gearing up for a controversial exhibition match against 27-year-old Jake Paul scheduled for July 20 in Texas.

Many have criticized that the match organizers are endangering Mike’s health because of his advanced age and the one-punch knockout power that his younger opponent has shown.

Even though Tyson is very close to turning 58, he remains in excellent shape more than three months before his match with the boxer-turned-YouTuber.

The boxing star went shirtless over the weekend at a Fiterman Sports Group meet-and-greet in Chantilly, Virginia, to showcase the toned body he had already developed months before his comeback to the ring.

A toned Tyson even flaunted a six-pack while posing for pictures and giving signatures.

Tyson stated: “I don’t need a shirt. I have to show them what they are betting on! I want to show off how good I look, how in shape I am!”

During the event, Tyson also shared the spotlight with boxing legend Roberto Duran. He is 72 years old and just had a pacemaker installation after a cardiac ‘obstructed artery’ was detected by medical professionals.

With a picture of himself and Tyson on Instagram, the former four-weight world champion said: “Here I am sharing with my friend that I love very much @miketyson Next time I’ll go shirtless.”

When Tyson last participated in an exhibition match in 2020, he competed against boxing icon Roy Jones Jr.

In contrast to the customary three-minute rounds in professional boxing, his match with Paul will have two-minute rounds. Instead of the customary ten, each boxer will be using 16-ounce gloves.

Addressing critics, Tyson highlights the unprecedented attention and interest generated by his return to the ring. He said: “I’m 58, and what? I’m getting billions of views from just talking about fighting.”

“Everybody, even most of the athletes, they’re jealous… You couldn’t sell out an arena. Who at 58 can sell out an 80,000-seat arena? Why do you think he wants to fight me and not anybody else?”

“All the boxers want to fight him. But if he fought them, the only people that will come are the people that like him. Their parents might not even come watch them.”

With anticipation building for the exhibition bout, Tyson’s physical readiness and unwavering confidence signal that he is ready to step back into the spotlight and captivate audiences worldwide.