Mike Perry reacts to Nate Diaz arrest, people disrespect MMA vets like they don’t know what’s coming

Nate Diaz was recently arrested following an incident with a Logan Paul lookalike in New Orleans. While New Orleans PD is pressing charges, Diaz insists it was self defense.

None of this is sitting right with UFC Veteran Mike Perry, while he readies to greet former UFC champion Luke Rockhold in a bareknuckle boxing headliner.

Although fans enjoy Perry’s unpredictable nature in the build-up, it has frequently gotten him into trouble outside the cage. He faced huge criticism from fans in the past for his acts, including a significant one when he knocked out a middle-aged man during an argument in a restaurant.

Mike Perry is known for speaking his mind, and he did so once again when he discussed why he thinks some individuals assume there won’t be consequences for their actions towards professional combatants in public.

Perry believes that some people test competitors or act rudely towards them in order to prove something to themselves. He also thinks that some people believe professional athletes are under watch and won’t retaliate against disrespectful behavior.

Perry stated in an interview: “Sometimes people see fighters in real life, they see fighters they watch on TV in real life, and I don’t know if they want to test themselves or they want to just be rude or just try to maybe be confident in front of some girls they’re with or something, and be like, ‘You know this fighter? Well, watch this.'”

“And they try to be disrespectful or they think that we’re under watch and we can’t be normal or bad people and we’re not going to bust your a** if you come over to us being all disrespectful. I definitely don’t want those things to happen, but sometimes people do the wrong things.”

Mike Perry has always maintained the magnetic aura that draws fans to him. Since leaving the UFC, he has won all three of his bouts in bare-knuckle, one of which was against Michael Page.