Mike Jackson confirms he pressed charges against Jake Shields for the assault at UFC PI

Following a confrontation at the UFC Performance Institute, Mike Jackson has filed charges against Jake Shields.

Shields self published a video earlier this week, which put him in legal jeopardy. The video is lukewarm and features Shields on top of Jackson in a grappling position – half guard. Jackson insists verbally that someone get Shields off of him.

Shields probably should've taken the advice Diaz gave Jorge Masvidal after confirming altercation with Covington on social media
Shields probably should’ve taken the advice Diaz gave Jorge Masvidal after confirming altercation with Covington on social media

According to his own tweets Shields slapped Jackson during the incident – but is unlikely to have caused any type of physical damage.

When asked whether he was filing charges in an interview, Jackson responded as follows:

“It really was the white fragility on him. Right. So when he walks up and again, I know we have our issues and that moment when he walks up and sees me at the P.I., he can do his little ggrrl and all f*cking piece of s*it, Mike Jackson, he can do all of that and I’m like, Cool, I’m gonna get back to my work out at that moment, he should have swallowed his white nationalist pride and went over there and did whatever the f*ck that he came to the P.I..”

“Yeah, well, I’m gonna follow up with the PI. I told them, ‘Hey, press charges.’ They said ok… You can’t just walk around assaulting people and think there’s no consequences for your actions. You can’t do that. You know what I’m saying? And all the people who support him, cool, support him. These people don’t matter either.”

Shields was seen slapping Jackson in the viral video. Jackson reportedly called Jake Shields a “racist” online before the altercation ever began. Shields then challenged him to a fight at the UFC PI. Jackson referred to Shields as a ‘Nazi’ which was not well received by him.

Jackson has been aggressively defending himself ever since the video went viral on social media. Jackson has reiterated his assertions that Shields is a Nazi by writing the following on Twitter:

“A thug nazi can’t humiliate me @jakeshieldsajj. And I guess this is my best comeback.”

With a 33-11-1 record, Shields withdrew from mixed martial arts in 2018. The former Strikeforce champion often shows up at UFC PI to train with other fighters even though he is not a UFC athlete.

Jackson has a 1-2 MMA record, with all three of his matches being under the UFC’s banner. He competed twice in 2022, defeating Dean Barry in his first match through disqualification and losing to Pete Rodriguez in his second match via a brutal knockout.