(Video) Mike Perry on taking Jake Paul’s heaviest shots in sparring: I smile and I keep coming forward

In a recent interview, UFC welterweight contender Mike Perry shared his experience sparring with YouTube personality and aspiring boxer Jake Paul. Perry provided a detailed account of their training session, offering a unique glimpse into their intense sparring match.

According to Perry, the footage from their session would show him taking a couple of hits from Paul, but continuing to push forward, unfazed. “You would watch him punch me as hard as he could, and then I smile and keep coming forward, and he cracks inside a little bit, like, damn, what do I got to do?” Perry recalled.

Perry acknowledged that Paul, who is significantly smaller than him, was able to land some good shots. However, he noted that he was impressed by Paul’s performance, considering his own physical condition at the time. “I was cutting weight, I was already 179 pounds, did jujitsu that morning, and apparently Jake ran five miles that morning, and then he sparred me,” Perry said.

The session, which took place about a week before Perry’s fight against Daniel Rodriguez, was a grueling one. Perry estimated that they sparred for six rounds, with both men giving it their all. Despite being the smaller opponent, Paul was able to hold his own against the experienced MMA fighter.

Perry’s comments come after a call to Paul to release footage of their sparring session in the past.

“He’s released footage before, and it’s like, you know, I guess he’s 240 now, or 230, or he’s on his way to that big, well, I mean, I could maybe be 205 at the max, unless I worked on it for like a year,” Perry said, making a humorous comment about their differing physiques.

The exchange highlights the friendly yet competitive dynamic between Perry and Paul. While both men are known for their virality, their difference in combat sports experience makes it an intriguing match Despite this, they were able to push each other to their limits, making for a compelling training session that will likely be remembered for some time.