(Video) Karate Blackbelt Beats Bodybuilder In Mortal Kombat inspired Tournament

A jaw-dropping video of a martial arts crossover match between a skilled karate athlete and a hulking bodybuilder has gone absolutely viral on social media. The intense clash, which took place at a Ganryujima Virtual Fight event in Japan on May 3rd, resulted in a stoppage victory for the karate practitioner.

Ganryujima Virtual Fight is a unique combat sports promotion known for setting up matchups between competitors from vastly different backgrounds and incorporating virtual reality backdrops inspired by traditional Japanese martial arts. Their events never fail to capture the internet’s attention when the videos hit social media.

For their latest show, one bout in particular immediately went viral after an improbably epic David vs Goliath struggle. In one corner was a karate blackbelt, a decorated tournament champion who had won the prestigious Adidas Karate Grand Prix in 2013. His opponent was a bodybuilder with some basic boxing training but little practical martial arts experience.

Despite being significantly larger and more muscular, the bodybuilder was the decided underdog against the seasoned karate stylist. However, he proved to be no pushover in the crossover rules match.

The bodybuilder was able to shrug off many of the karateka’s kicks using his bulk and size advantage. He repeatedly grabbed and slammed his smaller foe, and landed some solid strikes that seemed to have little effect.

For his part, the karate expert displayed dazzling technique, unleashing a variety of martial arts moves. His speed, timing, and accuracy consistently found the mark, gradually accumulating damage.

In an astonishingly back-and-forth battle of attrition, the bigger man’s toughness and the karate guy’s skills made for a wild, seesaw affair. But the kinetic blows began taking a toll, leaving the bodybuilder bloodied and battered.

Eventually, after a crucial series of unanswered head kicks from the karateka, the referee had seen enough and stopped the contest for the bodybuilder’s safety. He was deemed unable to continue due to the head trauma sustained.

In the end, the martial arts skill and relentless offense of the karate fighter proved too much for his pumped-up adversary. Fans were left in awe of both men’s displays of heart and determination in an instantly legendary crossover fight fans will be rewatching for years to come.