Michael Chandler reveals injury, unlikely to meet Nate Diaz this summer

UFC lightweight contender Michael Chandler revealed that he fractured his shin bone following the Tony Ferguson bout at UFC 274.

With this injury, Chandler won’t be able to meet Nate Diaz in July as it was previously rumored.

This is unfortunate news for UFC welterweight Nate Diaz who is currently trying hard to get back into the octagon and to finish out his contract with the UFC.

Diaz has one more left on his contract and the UFC seems to be stalling him. Just the other day, Michael Chandler called him out on Twitter.

“Hey [Nate Diaz]. Shut up and stop complaining. Keep your mouth shut. Keep your head down until your daddy books a fight for you to get your sacrificial dome bounced off the canvas again. Maybe it’ll be me…if you’re lucky. See you at the top!” Chandler wrote.

Despite calling Diaz out, Michael Chandler revealed that he broke his shin bone at UFC 274. During his recent appearance at The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, ‘Iron’ explained that he got injured throwing a low kick at Tony Ferguson.

“God did not create our bones to crack up against each other like we do. I threw two kicks in that fight – one on Tony’s inside right leg as he was a southpaw. He switched stances and I hit him with a really hard low kick as well. ”

“So [my] shinbone is jacked up. [It] could have a fracture in there. [My] ankle has had some problems in the past. Obviously, the dislocated finger… it was definitely a hundred percent dislocated after having Dr. [Jeffrey] Davidson looked at it.” Chandler said.

Chandler was aware that he hurt his leg during the bout. But it wasn’t until a recent check-up that he learned that his injury is quite severe. When asked about a potential bout with Nate Diaz, Chandler provided a clear answer.

“Obviously, me committing to July right now is not possible. And even if I’m a hundred percent healthy, would I want to come back that quickly? We’ll see, you know.” Chandler said.

As for Nate Diaz, The Stockton native hasn’t given any comment about the matter.