Michael Chandler not thrown off by McGregor cameos, willing to waive USADA requirement

Conor McGregor’s comeback to the Octagon is set to be against Michael Chandler. The two competitors will first coach season 31 of TUF, which premieres later this month. They will then square off in what is anticipated to be a big showdown.

While fans eagerly await this clash, Michael Chandler recently shared his views on Conor McGregor’s status as a mixed martial artist. Speaking with Brett Okamoto of ESPN MMA, the No.5-ranked lightweight discussed McGregor’s appearance at BKFC 41.

Chandler thinks that Conor’s purpose in being there was to remind everyone that he defeated both Chad Mendes and Eddie Alvarez to win the double championship. Chandler then added that he believes that McGregor has become more of a celebrity than a combat sports artist.

He said: “The funny thing about Conor is he’s a celebrity as he is a fighter.”

“It’s almost like he’s become such a big celebrity that people forget that he’s a fighter and he even forgets to act like a fighter certain times in the sense that the celebrity aspect of him somewhat supersedes that… Conor breaks the mold of what all of us are. He’s broken the mold of fighters, of celebrity, of worldwide superstar so it doesn’t surprise me that things like that happen.”

Chandler then went on to say that McGregor had claimed during the filming of the TUF 31 reality series that he would never retire.

While Chandler did not believe the comments, he thinks that McGregor will remain active even after their showdown.

The highly-anticipated bout between Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor is yet to have a date set. It will reportedly take place at welterweight, although it is unclear if USADA will clear McGregor for the match. While the rules stipulate that McGregor must spend six months in the testing pool and pass two tests, Chandler is okay with competing against him in less than six months.

He said: “I don’t know what the understanding is. I could see it very well being just two clean tests. I have no problem with it being two clean tests. I could care less.”

“If you do two clean tests, it sounds to me like you’re clean. Who am I to say what the stipulations are? I’m ready for him to be cleared or at least get that answer, but at this point, we don’t have an answer.”

Despite not having a set date, the highly-anticipated bout between Chandler and McGregor will reportedly take place at welterweight.