Michael Chandler and more UFC stars react to McGregor assault allegations

Conor McGregor recently found himself embroiled in yet another controversy.

The NBA Finals Game 4 between the Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets took place at the Kaseya Centre in Miami on Friday, June 9. McGregor has been accused of assaulting a woman at the event. The UFC competitor reportedly coerced the lady into having an encounter with him in the men’s VIP restroom.

According to demand letters filed by the woman’s lawyer Ariel Mitchell, the NBA and Kaseya Centre security allegedly compelled the lady to be separated from her friend and forced her to enter the restroom with McGregor.

Since news of the accusations came to light, a number of combat sports stars have commented on the issue.

McGregor’s rival coach on the TUF reality series Michael Chandler has spoken out about the situation. He publicly questioned the legitimacy of the allegations.

At a recent Q&A session, Chandler said:

Recently, Aljamain Sterling commented on the Conor McGregor assault claims. Sterling finds it hard to think NBA security staff would be complicit in the crime.

Sterling wrote on Instagram: “Lies….. The NBA security helped him?? Cmon bro. At least make the situation make sense. What are we talking about here.”

He went on to add: “Where’s the proof bro? I can go out tmw and accuse anyone. Let’s stop this trigger sue-happy era we’re in. Like frfr. Ppl just be listening and believing anyone at face value, with no questions asked.”

Additionally, Sean Strickland used the opportunity to weigh in on the matter after learning of the accusations against Conor McGregor. He uploaded a photo of the iconic Leprechaun with a message aimed at the Irish MMA icon.

Strickland tweeted:

Controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate said that McGregor may be the target of a plot. In his statements, Tate seemed to insinuate that the prevalence of bogus accusations against successful people had increased.

He tweeted:

The Miami Police Department has taken action by opening an inquiry into the situation after seeing the seriousness of the accusations made against the former UFC champion.

Instead of filing charges, the woman is apparently looking to settle with McGregor, the NBA, and the Miami Heat.