Michael Bisping trashes Andrew Tate’s viral claim that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is useless in real life

There are many martial arts that use false claims to advertise themselves – Brazilian jiu-jitsu isn’t one of them. The martial art will enable a smaller person to defend themselves against a bigger opponent who doesn’t know jiu-jitsu even if he has a background in another martial art.

This is why BJJ was dominant in early days of UFC. But with the popularization of the anti–grappling meta it’s considerably lost steam.

Viral star Andrew Tate claims that jiu-jitsu is useless in real life situations – and obviously prefers kickboxing.

UFC light heavyweight Anthony Smith joined Michael Bisping on his YouTube channel and the two discussed Tate’s assessment of BJJ’s efficacy. Although he may have a point in terms of BJJ being successful against several opponents, Bisping pointed out that it is still quite effective against a single opponent.

“I’ve said this before on the show, if you’re fighting multiple people and you take someone down and get on top of them, yeah, of course they’re friends are going to run up behind you and stick the boot to you…”

“But in a one-on-one environment…a black-belt in jiu-jitsu versus someone that’s not, I’ll take the black-belt all day long…”

“The moves that you do in jiu-jitsu are gonna kill you.”

“Of course, boxing, kickboxing…whatever, but If you’re not the type of person that’s going around getting involved in gang fights, if it’s just you and someone is trying to start and be the aggressor with you, having jiu-jitsu is very bloody useful, Andrew Tate.”

This is fairly funny coming from Bisping because a while back he shared an opinion that directly counters this.

During a Q and A, Bisping was asked if he’d prefer traditional Gracie Jiu-Jitsu full guard or 10th planet to which he replied he’d do neither.

“You need to get on top, not be on your back. Don’t do Jiu-Jitsu in the street… and especially not on your back.”