Michael Bisping calls Schaub UFC 279 conspiracy ‘Mind blowingly dumb’

Earlier last month there was a lot of fuss about UFC 279 card getting restructured after Khamzat Chimaev missed weight by an entire class almost.

Chimaev’s weight miss will go down in the records as one of the worst failings in UFC history but many think there’s more to the story.

It’s certainly interesting that UFC would cancel a media day over a shoving match in addition to matching a fan favorite in a borderline legal bout.

Still there’s quite a few steps between Chimaev missed weight and Dana White orchestrated the whole thing.

Schaub parroted a theory that UFC veteran Pat Miletich published. The theory is basically that UFC 279 PPV numbers were bad and that UFC reshuffled the card in an attempt to save the day.

Dana White was quick to shoot down this theory but he’s also proven entirely untrustworthy even lying straight to reporters faces when asked about Zuckerberg’s involvement in UFC Vegas 61.

Schaub wouldn’t be outdone and had put White on blast afterwards claiming many things including UFC ripping off ‘his shows’ which is borderline comedic.

Bisping recently reacted to Schaub’s comments and shared the following:

“Brendan is not a bad guy at all. Far from it. You know? But he does he does miss the mark sometimes, as do I. You know, we’re all only human. He does a lot of content. But yeah, that whole conspiracy thing with the pay per view is just mind blowingly dumb. Let’s be honest.”

Bisping urged his co-hosts to bring up Schaub’s scorched Earth response which he described as

“just bring up the response because Brendan went f**king went to town on Dana ”

“Oh my god. Like listen. What is all that about? Did you really think that him and Dana have some f**king rivalry? I’m sure Dana doesn’t think of him at all. And to his mind, the someone brings him up a press conference or whatnot, and stop stealing my show of the things. Boy, that was what I like.”

Anthony Smith piled on saying:

‘And I think sometimes Brandon Schaub is blinded by his hate for Dana White and I think sometimes it does skew how he views some things because he’s he’s looking for something with Dana all the time.’