Meryl Streep’s harsh condemnation of Martial Arts inspired McGregor’s acting debut

Several years ago Hollywood’s Meryl Streep had harsh words for martial arts and in particular MMA. Streep is one of the most critically acclaimed actors in the world with 3 Oscar wins and countless other awards.

During her Golden Globes speech, Meryl Streep sparked controversy within the sports community, inadvertently offending some fans while denouncing Donald Trump. Her statement, “Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners, and if we kick them all out you’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts—which are not the arts,” particularly irked proponents of mixed martial arts.

In Streep’s narrative, MMA became synonymous with American isolationism, a notion refuted by its rich diversity. MMA embodies a global tapestry of talent, a testament to unity amid diversity.

Interestingly, while UFC curates an anti-woke profile, it’s one of the only professional sports in the world that doesn’t have a huge pay disparity between men and women – and even had the first bona fide star be a female.

Apparently Conor McGregor was particularly triggered by these comments and they still haunt him to day. McGregor’s performance as the antagonist Knox in the movie resonated with audiences, but what fueled his portrayal? In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter, McGregor delved into how Meryl Streep’s 2017 Golden Globes remarks stirred something within him, shaping his approach to the character and the film.

“Fighting is the most beautiful form of art, and you know, it’s a great thing to come into this game, which is also art,” he said. “I was really taken aback because fighting is an art. It’s brutal also, so I can understand. It’s not for somebody to make a mistake; it’s real artistry for those who do what we do, so I came in [to filming Road House] with maybe a little chip on my shoulder and wanting to represent my sport and my art, give my best in this arena.”