Merab Dvalishvili Exposes Ilia Topuria’s DMs Overflowing from Celebrities, But Most of Them Stay on Unread

Ilia Topuria has ascended to the peak of the UFC featherweight division, winning the coveted championship title after a monumental victory over Alexander Volkanovski. Even before his championship win, Topuria had already garnered significant attention in the mixed martial arts world as an undefeated competitor with immense potential.

In a recent revelation by UFC bantamweight prospect Merab Dvalishvili it came to light that Topuria had attracted attention from various female celebrities across different spheres of influence.

However, the UFC bantamweight said in the same interview that the featherweight champion maintained his discipline to hone his skills and ignored all those models and celebrities.

Dvalishvili said during The MMA Hour, “Two or three years ago, he showed me his Instagram. All this, you know, celebrities in his DM and so many unopened text messages because he is busy with his training. Even three years ago, I can’t imagine now the connections and celebrities. He is special.”

The featherweight champion is fascinating and engaging both inside and outside the cage, so Dvalishvili is pretty pleased. In addition, it is clear from the previously stated admission that Topuria is devoted to both his better half and his sport. However, former UFC champion Max Holloway is another athlete who is not as happy with Topuria.

He said: “That’s it. Questionable. Everybody keeps asking me, what do I think of Topuria? He’s questionable. He likes to talk a lot. I like to listen. And 100 percent, when the time is right… it will be. He will have to see me sooner or later.”

Holloway continued, calling Topuria’s legitimacy as the victor ‘questionable.’ According to him, the current featherweight champion likes to constantly insult his opponents. Because of this, it is clear that they are at odds. Due to this, the matchup between Holloway and Topuria seems to be more intriguing.