McGregor’s acting debut didn’t make it to theaters but it is allegedly breaking Amazon Prime records

The new ‘Road House’ movie is a remake of the 1989 cult classic film. It racked up a staggering 50 million views worldwide in its first two weeks, setting an all-time record for Prime Video.

This remake has achieved an extraordinary milestone, becoming the most-watched Prime Video release in its debut weekends. Deadline reports an astounding 50 million global viewers were captivated by the film’s exhilarating narrative and stellar performances.

Jennifer Salke is the head of Amazon MGM Studios. She expressed her delight at the overwhelming response to Road House. She attributed the film’s triumph to the dedication of the entire production team and the stellar performances of the cast, notably Jake Gyllenhaal and Conor McGregor.

Salke said: “The groundbreaking, successful debut of Road House is a testament to the hard work and commitment from the entire Road House filmmaking team and the film’s cast led by the phenomenal Jake Gyllenhaal.”

“The world is absolutely loving this entertaining, action-packed ride anchored by the performances of Jake, Conor McGregor, Daniela Melchior, Darren Barnet, Billy Magnussen, Jessica Williams, Lukas Gage, Arturo Castro, JD Pardo and the rest of our stellar cast.”

“It’s great to see the film taking off with both fans of the iconic original as well as a huge turnout from new audiences. This incredible film is really giving everyone something to talk about, and we couldn’t be more proud!”

While McGregor’s electrifying performance in Road House has garnered immense praise, fans are eagerly awaiting his return to the octagon. The former UFC two-division champion is poised to make a comeback later this year. Speculation is rife about a potential showdown against rival TUF 31 coach Michael Chandler.

Conor McGregor recently gave an update during an interview saying: “We got confirmation a few days ago that it’s all systems go and ‘The Mac’, ‘The Notorious’ will be returning in the UFC octagon this summer… It’s Chandler. I’ve got to f *king shut up Michael, the f *king imbecile, the blade doesn ‘t shut up… I like Michael. I’m going to bust him up… I was having a bit of a laugh with the 185 [pounds]. I haven ‘t checked the scales since the last time I weighed in at a UFC event, which was a fair bit of time ago.”