McGregor’s coach disses Logan Paul: Never heard someone confidently declare they brought someone to protect them

While the main attraction of this weekend’s boxing event may be Tommy Fury vs. KSI, the semi-main event featuring Logan Paul and Dillon Danis takes center stage for many combat sports fans.

Paul’s match against Danis has been marked by controversy since the beginning. Both combatants have engaged in a barrage of unsavory exchanges on their social media platforms.

Notably, Dillon Danis has been incessantly needling Logan Paul’s fiancée Nina Agdal. This incessant taunting culminated in a legal action taken by Agdal against Danis.

But following the weigh-ins, there’s a palpable shift – it appears that Paul has managed to get under Danis’ skin.

Dillon Danis accused Paul of failing to meet the required weight for the bout, an assertion the YouTuber vehemently refutes. According to Danis, Paul was granted ‘extra time’ to meet the 195lbs weight threshold for the bout.

Furthermore, Danis displayed clear discontent over Paul’s decision to bring the world-renowned grappler Gordon Ryan to the post-weigh-in staredown. In a video circulating on Twitter, a visibly agitated Danis can be heard dubbing both Paul and Ryan as “juiceheads.”

Danis responded to Paul’s introduction of Ryan, who was previously linked to allegations of PED use.

He said: “That’s his st**oid supplier. That’s who that is. Two juice-heads. Gordon is a little b**ch. That’s why he’s selling out. He’s from Jersey and supports the other side. You’re a f**king dead man when you get back to Jersey you p***y a** b**ch.”

Logan Paul promptly took to Twitter to revel in his perceived psychological victory over Dillon Danis. He asserted that the grappler “lost his cool” when Ryan made his appearance.

“Dillon Danis is a coward, a predator, and I’m f**king him up. I’m f**king him up tomorrow. He’s a dirty a** fighter. I got all the goods in case he tries anything funny. In fact, I got Dillon Danis kryptonite in the building. You know, I brought the baddest dude in the world. I got Gordon Ryan to protect me in case he tries any jiu-jitsu bulls**t. This man gonna f**k you up tomorrow if you try to pull some sh*t.”

The boxing bout between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis has rapidly become one of the most discussed matches of 2023. It appears poised to steal the spotlight, despite being officially designated as the undercard to Tommy Fury vs. KSI.