McGregor Shares Video Of Himself Inebriated Eating Icecream In Bed

Conor McGregor may be on a losing streak in the cage but he’s on a somewhat of a winning streak in life. Former two division UFC champion hasn’t won since the 2020 fight against Cowboy Cerrone. In the time since he’s racked up two consecutive defeats against Dustin Poirier – but he’s also managed to sell his stake in his whisky company Proper 12 and make about $200 million in pre-tax earnings.

By comparison many longtime fighters that are household names have career earnings totaling in only $4 million.

In the time since the sale McGregor also purchased a bar and is behind a Irish stout brand titled Forged Irish Stout.

McGregor was also repeatedly spotted having unhinged episodes while enjoying some pot earlier in 2021.

But the latest clip makes this version of McGregor semi sane. His latest upload features himself alone in his bedroom, laughing maniacally and eating icecream.

This clip comes just a day after McGregor was spotted out drinking after declaring he would have a “sober” camp for his next fight.