McGregor roasts Cejudo, brags he bet on Sterling at UFC 288: “Easiest money I ever made”

Former UFC double champ and Olympic gold medalist Henry Cejudo has made a comeback after three years of retirement for a chance to reclaim his old 135lb title held by Aljamain Sterling for over a year.

Sterling has been criticized by fans for winning the bantamweight belt by DQ. This was his third bout against a former champion after defeating Petr Yan and T.J. Dillashaw.

Sterling started with a high kick, but Cejudo took him down with a body lock and a takedown. Sterling tried to escape, but Cejudo grabbed his neck. Sterling managed to get up and land a kick to Cejudo’s body.

They then tied up against the fence, and Sterling fought off a takedown, then dropped for one of his own. Sterling completed the takedown, but Cejudo made it back up, only to eat another knee in the process.

Cejudo and Sterling traded kicks, with Cejudo landing a right and a low kick. Cejudo then grazed Sterling with a high kick, and Sterling missed a high kick of his own but landed low. Cejudo managed to stuff Sterling’s sloppy takedown attempt.

Sterling shot early, but Cejudo stuffed the attempt. They had a grappling exchange along the fence, and Sterling brought Cejudo to his knees. On the way up, Sterling landed a well-timed knee. Sterling shot again, but Cejudo stuffed it, and they exchanged leg kicks. Cejudo landed a trip takedown with 15 seconds to go in the round.

Sterling focused on his low kicks, but Cejudo landed a leg kick of his own and connected with a right hand. Sterling tried to shoot, but Cejudo stuffed it. A calf kick by Sterling did damage, and a kick caught by Cejudo led to a near takedown. Sterling managed to land a double leg takedown in the final fifteen seconds of the round.

Cejudo needed a finish or at least the round, but Sterling stayed outside and kicked high. Cejudo pressed forward, and Sterling tried to shoot, but Cejudo stuffed it. Cejudo landed a late takedown, but Sterling managed to get up.

In the end it was a split decision win for Sterling, Aljamain Sterling def. Henry Cejudo via split decision (47-48, 48-47, 48-47).

But Conor McGregor wasn’t impressed with Cejudo and took the opportunity to roast his coaching in addition to bragging he made money betting on Aljamain Sterling.

McGregor didn’t leave it at that either, he also released a video showcasing the shopping spree he went on, thanks to his winnings and went a step further.

Ahead of the event, Cejudo and McGregor had several heated exchanges. In lead up to UFC 288, Cejudo said he wouldn’t coach McGregor:

“No, [I wouldn’t coach him],” Cejudo said during UFC 288 media day. “I think he’s offended too many of my good friends.

“At first, yeah, I was kind of a Conor hater and then I became a fan like you know what, this dude he won me over. But I think he took things a little too far. With talking about Khabib [Nurmagomedov’s] father after him passing. ”

McGregor had an X rated response:
“Hey, s**t stain on the game, I’m talking as of now it is beginning to bare fruit. We beat their system of fighting on TUF. It’s locked down. It’s no wonder s*** pants [Nurmagomedov] scurried. There’s no competing now. The head of the style is too fat a b**** and afraid to compete again. So we win. You can’t compete with us. Watch and witness you rat b******.”