McGregor ‘Lobbied’ for Three Rounds Against Michael Chandler according to UFC legend

Conor McGregor’s comeback to the octagon after a hiatus of nearly three years has stirred up a whirlwind of excitement among MMA enthusiasts.

He is now scheduled to face Michael Chandler at UFC 303. UFC CEO Dana White said during the press conference that McGregor will be making his much-anticipated comeback after the UFC 300 event.

Chael Sonnen has recently said that McGregor intentionally sought to have the bout go to three rounds. White often ends the main event of International bout Week with a championship match of five rounds.

In the lead-up to the match, speculations arose regarding the duration of the match. Chael Sonnen disclosed on the ‘Good Guy Bad Guy’ podcast co-hosted by Daniel Cormier that McGregor had actively pursued a three-round match.

He said: “But it is five rounds, and Conor wanted three. Conor lobbied to try to get three. I said well look that could be because he knows this isn’t the main event.”

Michael Chandler’s stance on the matter contrasts with McGregor’s preference. He firmly believes that the bout with McGregor will be the main event of UFC 303. Despite Chandler’s confidence, McGregor remains adamant about his stance.

Daniel Cormier went on to say that given that since McGregor is making a comeback after almost three years, it was a wise decision for him to want a quick bout. While all of this is going on with McGregor’s comeback, another competitor has been calling out the MMA star after UFC 300.

The whole mixed martial arts community has recently taken notice of Max Holloway. He won the BMF title against Justin Gaethje at UFC 300.

One reporter questioned Holloway about facing Conor McGregor again at the UFC 300 news conference after the match. In response, Holloway said: “Brother we got options brother. Conor likes to consider himself a BMF right, so we can figure that out.”

Max Holloway said that McGregor’s decision to accept the challenge to become the official BMF is understandable, given his fame. It would be intriguing to see who Holloway competes against in his first BMF championship defense, considering McGregor has not yet answered.

Refusing to retire just yet, McGregor sees his return as an opportunity for one final run in the promotion.