McGregor convinced Diaz trilogy will happen after Diaz coaching TUF fell through

Conor McGregor is one of the most captivating figures in mixed martial arts today. He is a larger-than-life personality who is always in the spotlight, whether he is in the cage or outside of it.

McGregor’s superstardom in the sport has led him to receive criticism in the past for getting what he asks for. Nevertheless, he remains the biggest name in MMA, and the UFC treats him accordingly.

During his recent interview with Ariel Helwani, Conor McGregor announced his intention to face Nate Diaz for a third time. Diaz and McGregor have competed twice before, with each winning one of the bouts. Fans have been clamoring for a third between the two rivals, and McGregor has now promised that it will happen.

“TUF just kind of presented itself, it was originally to be against Nate. It was me versus Nate… No [I wasn’t disappointed that Diaz isn’t opposing me on TUF], I’ll get that again.”

“That trilogy will happen at some stage for sure… We must fight. We’re one apiece, it’s a great rivalry, and it was a great fight, so we gotta square that away for sure… ”

And McGregor isn’t dissuaded by the fact Diaz is a free agent right now and outside of the promotion.

Following his last UFC bout, Diaz was asked about McGregor and shot down the rumors saying there are not talks between camps.


Conor McGregor’s promise to have a trilogy with Nate Diaz has fans excited about the future of mixed martial arts. McGregor’s charisma and talent make him a must-watch star, despite the fact he hasn’t won a bout in years.