Mayweather Releases Ultimatum – Won’t agree to move the event to October

Boxing great Floyd Mayweather Jr has refused to wait any longer for his match in Dubai. The 45-year-old said he won’t fight if the event gets postponed again.

Floyd Mayweather is far from retirement when it comes to exhibition bouts. Mayweather’s most recent fight was last year against celebrity boxer Jake Paul. This time, ‘Money’ will face his former sparring partner Don Moore.

Mayweather and Don Moore were scheduled to headline the event called ‘The Global Titans Fight Series’ on May 14 in Dubai. Unfortunately, due to the death of UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, the event was postponed.

Mayweather claimed that the event had been rescheduled for this Saturday. However, the organizer stated that the event could be postponed until October. Hearing about this news, Floyd Mayweather pulled a long face.

Floyd Mayweather reportedly issued an ultimatum to the organizer. The Michigan-born boxer promised he will not participate in the event if they postpone it again. “Either I box Saturday or I don’t come.” Mayweather said.

Since the passing of the president, all fighters on the cards stayed close to the venue, except Delfine Persoon. The former women’s lightweight champion returned to her homeland Belgium after hearing the news.

Her promoter Filiep Tampere gave an update and said Persoon will fly back to Dubai. “They tell me that the camp will definitely go on one hundred percent. But I’m not so sure. Who knows, maybe we’ll be there and Mekhaled won’t be there.” Tampere said.

The UFC legend and Anderson Silva will also participate in this event. He was scheduled to face UAE Warrior champion Bruno Machado. ‘The Spider’ retired from the UFC in 2020 with a pretty bad record. However, the 46-year-old Brazilian is still active as a boxer. In 2021 he fought Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and fellow UFC veteran Tito Ortiz. Anderson Silva is regarded as one of greatest UFC fighters of all time as he held the longest title reigns.