Martyn Ford set to transition to MMA, in talks with KSW

After his boxing match with Iranian Hulk was canceled last month, Ford plans to make his MMA debut in October in the Polish promotion KSW.

Ford was supposed to make his boxing debut against long-time adversary the Iranian Hulk( real name is Sajad Gharibi). The match was supposed to be held last month but was canceled.

Following the cancellation of his boxing debut, Martyn Ford made plans to make his MMA debut in one of Europe’s leading promotions – KSW.

Ford was previously rumored to be in talks with them – and at one point there were discussions that he would be facing Gharibi there but those rumors were dispelled by KSW brass at that point.

Before the coronavirus, the British actor/bodybuilder had talks with KSW.

“One hundred per cent I am planning on getting involved in MMA,” Ford told Mirror . “I am already speaking to KSW. This is something that was set pre-covid. ”

“I have still been doing pieces of Jiu-Jitsu and stuff. They are looking at coming to London in October, and that is an event I would love to get involved with.”

“It just needs to be the right person and right time, my feelers have been put out there to try and get this set up as soon as possible.”

“I understand the frustration from people about not yet seeing me fight. I am still training, only thing I am not doing is active sparring. I have switched back into its resistance and explosive power.“

“If something does happen which I am hoping I can sign up too soon, I have been training and dedicating so much time and effort to it.”

“I need to do it for my own mental state to be honest, anyone that has trained at a good level in any sport will understand the frustration I am going through at the moment.”

If Ford decides to enter the cage, Mariusz Pudzianowski has been mentioned as a possible opponent. Pudzianowski is 45 years old – and had a lot of prior experience in MMA.

His MMA record stands at 16 wins, 7 losses and 1 no contest. He is scheduled to fight Michael Materla at KSW 70 later this month.

Thor Bjornsson has mentioned he’d like to box either Ford or Pudzianovski.

Ford is eager to fight the Icelandic star in either boxing or mixed martial arts.

“Thor has a massive reach advantage over Mariusz and he is MMA so I see that as kind of an easy fight to be honest,” Ford continued.

“He is a tremendous guy; Thor has been boxing for a while now and he has the size advantage.”

“Maruisz is a phenomenal athlete but he is quite old now, but the one that makes sense for me in a boxing ring. Mariusz vs Thor in MMA I think he would win but I think boxing takes away a lot of his strengths.”

“I don’t think he would get in a cage with Mariusz, it would take his strengths away.”

“It isn’t an easy fight for him against me either, but I think he will take it. Whether it be in boxing or MMA, I just want to fight the bloke. I know he has balls and I know he will train properly, it will be something I can tick off my list but I need to do it.”