Mark Hunt delivers raged rant targeting UFC and Dana White ahead of boxing bout

Mark Hunt has had a long history with the UFC that culminated with Hunt suing the promotion after he was matched with Brock Lesnar  – who wasn’t in the USADA pool at the time and was a late day replacement on UFC 200 card.

Hunt has since parted ways with the promotion and is taking part in boxing events. He flamed UFC and White ahead of his boxing clash with Sonny Bull Williams:

“In MMA and UFC, everyone that pays bucks to buy the UFC [pay-per-view] to support their fighters, whether it is Volkanovski or whoever, from this side of the world, they get whatever deal they made with Dana White. They don’t get half of the pay-per-view.”

Hunt provided further details about his past experiences playing against athletes who were significantly under the influence of illegal substances:

“They gave me Overeem [after the Lesnar fight], the worst cheating guy. And I said again,’ Put a clause in my contract.’ They said,’No. If you don’t take this fight, we’re going to fire you.”

“I said, ‘How are you going to make a guy starve because of my stance on this unfair playing field?’ So I said I’ll take the fight and drop the lawsuit. That was seven years ago.”

“If I don’t make it back from Vegas from putting a boot, you know who did it. Those little c***suckers, pardon my French.”

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Mark Hunt discussed the compensation structures of boxing legend Canelo Alvarez and the UFC’s top-ranked male pound-for-pound Alexander Volkanovski with Jai-Marcus McAllister.

He said,

“Canelo Alvarez get $45 million while Volkanovski is making chump change. How does that work? He’s [Canelo] the No.1 guy in the sport in the world, but so is Volk and so is Izzy [Israel Adesanya]. Why aren’t they getting that kind of money? Because this grabby little dogs are taking all that money.”